Bruno Belcastro was born on the last spring of the 80's in the argentinian patagonia. He loves taking pictures since many years, but he discovered his truly potential for photography when his mother let him play with a toy film camera at the age of ten. He stopped taking pictures for a while, while he become interested mostly in computers, internet, programming and other stuff. Recently, five years ago he bought a Canon dSLR and returned to the good habit of taking pictures again. He has done several freelance photography jobs, and he continues to improve his technique every day. He also has a personal collection of images taken while traveling the world.

Loves Canon photo gear, beautiful landscape scenes, bokeh, great color management, cute girl portraits, travelling, the big & rush city mood, winter rainy days, challenging himself everyday, coffee & movies. He's also an apple fan since 2008 when he become in love with the OS X system. If you feel you'd like to know more about him you should contact him at the top of this page.

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