About Bruno Belcastro

This is the personal website of Bruno Belcastro, where you can find posts, photos and ocassional ramblings and rants.

Hello there!

Bruno Belcastro Photo

My name is Bruno Belcastro Pinto. I’m from a small town in the Patagonia. But I now can London my home.

I first discovered the web in the late 1990’s when a friend showed me this cool chat thing called IRC that we could access using his 56 kbp/s and immediately fell in love with it. From there on, I self-taught myself some web design and web development in the form of HTML and CSS and also spend countless hours chatting with people about scripting, Linux and other hobbies such as digital photography. I am grateful to have met most of my friends on-line, and to have started a business remotely.

Nowadays, I spend most of my days working as an Agile Coach at Potato in London. If you are interested in working together or are curious about my career, do check my LinkedIn Profile (and say hi!).

I enjoy doing a lot of things, some of them are: traveling, taking photographs with Fuji XPRO2, watching movies, discovering new music, going to gigs, being a coffee nerd and reading great books.

I have a list of places I’ve visited and others I wanna go here.

I’ve also enjoy reading (mostly non-fiction), so I have started a list of books I’ve read and intend to read.

If you are ever in London, feel free to ping me and we can arrange to meet over a cup of coffee/tea or a pint. I always enjoy meeting new people and help them if there’s any advice I can give.