Who is this guy anyway?

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Hello there visitor. I’m Bruno Belcastro Pinto, nice to meet you 👋🏼

I first discovered the web in the late 90’s when a friend showed me a cool chat thing called IRC that we could access using his 56 kb/s. I immediately fell in love with it. From there on, I self-taught myself some web design and web development in the form of HTML and CSS and also spend countless hours chatting online with people from all over the world about mIRC scripting, Linux, web design, photoshop and a myriad of other things. I am grateful to have met a lot of great friends on-line, and I even also started a company with people I’ve met online.

Nowadays, I spend most of my days working as a Product Lead at Potato in London. If you are interested in working together or you are curious about my career, go check my LinkedIn Profile.

I enjoy doing a lot of things, some of them are: traveling, shooting photos with different types of cameras (analog and digital), watching movies, discovering new music, going to music gigs and being a coffee nerd.

I have a list of places I’ve visited and others I wanna go here.

I’ve also enjoy reading (mostly non-fiction), so I have started a list of books I’ve read and intend to read. If you are looking for more recommendations, here’s a list of gear and software I use.

Standing invitation

Following Patrick’s philosophy: If you want to geek out about product development, cameras, technology or anything that I may be interested in, I’m really easy to reach out. Send me an email (check the footer of this site), tweet at me, or you can message me on pretty much any social media that allows you to do that. I’ll try my best to reply within a reasonable time. Also, if you are ever in London 🇬🇧, we can try to meet over a cup of coffee/tea or a pint.

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